This thread is going to be explaining a new event that is going to be happening on the Pyxcade server.
There will be a 1v1 tournament taking place on Sunday 19th at 3pm EST.


The normal Pyxcade rules apply to this event.

Protection 1 Diamond Helmet
Protection 2 Iron Chestplate
Protection 2 Iron Leggings
Protection 2 Iron Boots
Sharpness 2 Iron Sword
2 Golden Apples
Fishing Rod
Power 1 Bow
16 Arrows

If you win the whole tournament you will be getting up to $15 to spend on a server of your choice :D

If you would like to apply, leave your in game name as a reply to this thread!

Good Luck!
Pyxcade Drama & Future

Hello Pyxcaders, there's been a lot of talk/drama going on with the server recently
and I'm going to take this time to give a quick explanation of what's going
to happen from here on out and what to expect to happen
with the server in the future.

A couple weeks ago, I (FearTheBeta) the original owner from the start let someone else take charge of the server. An EX-staff member/manager Catastrophy. He did an amazing job and I decided that he would be the perfect fit for new ownership, there was unforeseeable issues though and the whole transfer-ship fell apart. The new plan (not by me) was to close Pyxcade and open up a new server with the old staff team. I never wanted Pyxcade to close because of players who still played on here and decided to just not transfer ownership and regain control. Cat will still be opening his owner server, not sure what it consists of. I do think they will be opening Divine UHC and if you want to check that out, you'd have to check their server out. I DO NOT plan on opening a full blown UHC server. I plan on making Pyxcade a fun practice UHC server with simulators and FFA.

We will not be strict on language and other things, if we are strict on anything it will be cheating and extreme abuse to players.

So that's the future of Pyxcade, a small practice server to generally have fun on and host small events with prizes every now and then. Pyxcade had a good run, but I was not enjoying what it was turning into and that was not what I had wanted for the server. I just wanted a small fun server for friends and new people.

Pyxcade will not close, we will open staff applications up.
There are no restrictions on who apply, all you need to be is mature and active and you have a good chance!