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    Information Guide: [ FFA CHAMPIONS ]

    What is FFA CHAMPIONS?

    FFA CHAMPIONS is a Hypixel practice UHC server that helps players get better at PVP fights.

    Players spawn in with a default kit, with protection 1 iron and 3 golden apples. They must kill other players to unlock better weapon and armor.

    Battles are health draining so with each kill a player gets, they are rewarded with 8 hearts and 2 golden apples.
    Plus their mystery item, which can be extremely helpful in PVP!

    Rules: What you can't do!
    • Spam the chat for whatever reason
    • Advertise any server that is not in the white list
    • Use any Minecraft Modification that give you an unfair advantage
    • You may not make any exccesive vulgar, racist, or homophobic comments
    • Boost kills with other players
    • Team with any other player

    Before any moderation/punishment is given the staff member will always give out a warning first! There will be no warning if you're using any sort of modification that gives you an unfair advantage.

    - Warning
    - 15 minute mute
    - 1 hour mute
    - 1 day ban

    [Spam Advertising] - Permanent Ban
    Accidental Advertising
    - Warning
    - 1 hour mute
    - 1 day ban

    Illegal Clients:
    - Permanent Ban
    [ Appeal for a chance at a reduced ban sentence ]

    Excessive Inappropriate Language:
    - Warning
    - 3 hour ban
    - 1 day ban

    - Warning
    - 3 day ban [STATS RESET]

    - Warning
    - 1 day ban
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