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    Pyxcade: Reborn

    Pyxcade FFA was a project that we had so much passion for, but sadly towards the end of it's run it was lacking the love it deserved which lead to it's unfortunate foreclosure; well, that's about to change! In the following weeks we will be working together to re-brand Pyxcade from it's past faults, we want feedback from the community, and suggestions - together we plan to bring back Pyxcade like it's never been seen before.​

    Beta Testing & Launch

    After plenty of thought and discussion we have decided that we will hold a beta testing period from September 7 - September 14. All players are allowed to participate during this period of testing; all stats earned during this period may or may not be reset. We will use this testing period to look for bugs and add features to make the game more enjoyable for our full release. After the beta phase is over, we will take a week to fix/add any new features to the server. ​


    The way the original server was managed, was very poor. We know that in order to grow the server and maintain the community happy, we as a team need to improve with communication and improving the server as frequent as possible. We lacked that tremendously and we hope to prove to all of you that we can work with community. ​

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