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    Hey everyone,

    Hope the holidays went great for everyone and that you're having a great day today. I'm going to take some time to update the players on what's been going on with the server and where we are going.
    There has been so much going on in both the owners life and we've neglected to update everyone.
    So we're going to quickly tell you what's been going on and what's happening in the future!

    FFA, has officially been renamed to KITPVP. We've made a few changes and additions to KITPVP and we're going to list some of the major ones below!

    You can call our Anti-cheat Fiona. She will hopefully cut-down on some of the cheaters we get on Pyxcade such as bhoppers/flying. So that when staff isn't online we can have someone taking care of everyone. There are a few bugs with Fiona, one of the bigger bugs was the false bans. We've taken care of that and unbanned anyone who was falsely punished by Fiona. Feel free to message us with any other bugs that you may find with Fiona and we'll have her fixed up.

    We' ve added kits to the server that can be purchase with money gained from killing players, finding through envoys, or through vote rewards. These kits were aimed towards making it more fair for people who play often compared to donators. It gives players who play often a chance to start off with better gear and get a better streak. We're still working on the kits and pricing but we're hoping to have it working perfectly in the next few weeks.

    We have finally added the second shop to the server, although it's small we plan to improve and add more to the shop in the upcoming weeks. It's a beta shop and we plan to add over 50+ items over time.

    Every hour we have introduced this new event that will drop 20+ crates into the map. These crates contain OP armor, coins, money, ranks, and tags. It's all chanced based, so hurry and collect them before they're all taken!


    The voting crate has been re-done and along side the voting crate we have added a new Mega crate.
    Both crates are virtual so you no longer have to worry about voting while being in PVP!
    Make sure to /VOTE in game to try out these new crates or visit and purchase a few mega crates.

    Since the relaunch of Pyxcade we had so many players asking us to bring back the classic map and we decided to listen to the players. We brought back the classic map back to Pyxcade

    To prevent/reduce combat logging we added a new system to Pyxcade. Our new combat log system is much more clean and easy to use. It's so easy to keep track of that we decided to add a punishment to people who log. Anyone who logs out while in combat will lose $-25, if you manage to go negative you will be blacklisted from using the economy and go into negative balance.

    What does that mean?
    You can no longer purchase kits or use the shop.


    Survival was officially launched and we've had a few videos and streamers on survival to help grow the community. We plan to continue with the growth up survival but in the mean-time we plan to continue to update survival until we feel that it's ready for it to grow.

    We added the Frosty boss to pyxcade and we plan to add more in the future.
    It's the first boss of many to come, Frosty was more of a practice run and once we're ready we plan to add bosses that spawn every hour and more bosses.

    We changed a few designs on survival, such as the warps and menus.
    We're not 100% content with all the designs yet and in the next few days we expect to fully revamp all the GUI's

    Crates are being changed to become virtual as well and a big overhaul on the prizes earned.
    Keep an eye out for that.

    We plan on added over 10+ mazes to the server with a reward for completing each maze.
    We're not sure when this will be ready but it's on our to do list.

    We plan on adding a fun little game, players will battle mobs and try to complete the game for rewards and prizes.
    Creative has temporarily been removed from the server, it was getting no attention from the Pyxcade admin team and we were using it as a test server. Once we are ready to work and grow creative we plan on bringing it back alive.


    UHC Deathmatch is a work in progress server, we plan on using it for streamers/events in the future.

    We plan on making a elo system to our death-match letting players increase their elo with wins/kills, this is something that we aim to do before fully releasing the server. Players may join now and try out version beta of our server.

    1 STAR- 10 STAR ranking system should be added with the elo system.
    Show us what you're made of and at the end of the season take a screenshot to show off!

    Staff applications are once again open, here below we will update everyone with some of the new staff members and some of the staff members who have left the team.

    xRosss HELPER > MOD
    Menuh HELPER > MOD
    wwwTwitterCom PLAYER > HELPER
    WqreWqlf PLAYER > HELPER

    Behaving HELPER > PLAYER
    hailqy HELPER > PLAYER
    YourMomHomo HELPER > PLAYER
    ElfVivids HELPER >PLAYER
    Albiery HELPER > PLAYER
    ItsDonut MOD > PLAYER​

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    Can't say I agree with Creative, but i'm happy about the KitPvP changes.
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    yeah, as i get into building creative gets removed :/
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    Thank you for the update! I love creative and hope for it to be brought back one day.