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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Hello everybody,

    Recently we released our survival server and this is more of a formal announcement. This announcement will talk about the features on our Survival server, and future plans!

    Currently we have a huge 50% off sale, so ensure to check that out whilst it is available. This is our biggest sale yet, to celebrate the holidays!

    Within our server, there are many features, jobs, custom terrain, and more. Our most key features and changes will be explained further below:

    Custom Terrain – We have provided custom terrain. This provides a much more unique experience than vanilla Minecraft, with abstract biomes, and a fully custom nether. Structures, farms and loot can be found within these worlds (with some structures providing very high standard items).

    Jobs – Jobs provide a way for users to make an income, with a variety of jobs being available to suit every user. If you want to mine, be a miner, if you want to build, be a builder – there are many jobs, which all provide money and a progressive system. By default, you will have access to one job, however, certain donation ranks will have access to more.

    Survival Kits – We have multiple new features on our store, with kits now being added. On release there were a total of 5 kits available (separate from donation rank kits), however, we plan to frequently add more, with supportive suggestions being a large influence on the content added.

    Daily Rewards – Every 24 hours you can use /reward to gain a random reward; these can range from money to EXP levels and more.

    Repair Upgrades – Anvils now provide further ways to repair your items, with EXP, money and items able to be used to repair. Some of these methods are only available to donation ranks – the default anvil GUI is available by left-clicking the anvil item.

    Achievements – LWe have decided to bring achievements over. Complete multiple tasks to earn rewards, work your way up and try to max it out!

    World Border – We have decided to provide a 25,000 by 25,000 (approx.) overworld, which will provide ample room for towns to grow, and advanced exploration. The nether also has a limit of 10,000 by 10,000 (approx.).

    Wild/Random Teleport – We have added a random teleport feature, which will allow members to find areas suitable for a town easily. This doesn’t span across the full map size, meaning further exploration is available.

    Reaction – We have added a chat game, called reaction. This involves unscrambling words and typing text the fastest to gain various rewards.

    Vote Parties – Once members on the server reach a certain number of votes, a ‘vote party’ will be triggered, dropping an extra vote key for everyone online!

    Shop – The market/shop has been updated slightly, with some buy prices being reduced. The spawner shop has had a large upgrade, with a range of new mob spawners available for purchase.

    Crates – Crates have been edited to provide a much more balanced reward system, with rewards suiting the Survival setting.

    Auctions – The ability to auction items in the /auction GUI is now available on Survival, providing a further way to gain money.

    Trails, Bow Trails, Disguises, Rename, Chat Items, Tags & Pets – We have brought over these donation perks from to Survival, providing cosmetic customization.

    Coming Soon:

    Spawner Upgrades – Spawners are now upgradable, with multiple tiers/levels providing increased statistics. Furthermore, donation packages offer the ability to ‘Omni Spawners’, which combine multiple mobs in one spawner – still upgradeable.

    Upgraded Elytra – Certain donation ranks will have the ability to launch in the air with an elytra, and have extended flight abilities (endless flight).

    Combat – We have decided to provide 1.8 PvP; this means there won’t be any delay between attacks which was released in later versions.

    Coin Flip – This is a feature where users can put a ‘bet’ based on heads or tails – either you win with double or nothing against an opponent.

    Custom Items – We have balanced out the enchantments of the custom items, which will be achievable through crates, quests, and our buycraft store.

    As said previously, we will be continuing our events soon. We will be introducing new ways to involve the community as a whole in a fun yet competitive way, so ensure to keep an eye on that in the near future!

    This is a huge step in the development for Survival, and it’s only the start. We do have further plans (which will be announced in the future), however, ensure to provide your opinions and suggestions both on our forums and Discord. This community is built upon what the community wants, and the feedback provided.

    The support lately has been tremendous, and we can only thank this community for how it has responded to these recent changes. We will continue to provide you content, on all of our gamemodes.

    Thank you for reading this lengthy update, and we hope you enjoy the server.

    ~ Pyxcade Owners
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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Added Keep Inventory on death
    Added /trade
    Added Chest Protection
    Added /back on death
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    Great Update Fear, I'm excited to see how this all turns out!
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    I think I will start playing now :D
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    Is /reward currently active? or not yet? 'Cause it's not working for me :p