Hey everyone,

Hope the holidays went great for everyone and that you're having a great day today. I'm going to take some time to update the players on what's been going on with the server and where we are going.
There has been so much going on in both the owners life and we've neglected to update everyone.
So we're going to quickly tell you what's been going on and what's happening in the future!

FFA, has officially been renamed to KITPVP. We've made a few changes and additions to KITPVP and we're going to list some of the major ones below!

You can call our Anti-cheat Fiona. She will hopefully cut-down on some of the cheaters we get on Pyxcade such as bhoppers/flying. So that when staff isn't online we can have someone taking care of everyone. There are a few bugs with Fiona, one of the bigger bugs was the false bans. We've taken care of that and unbanned anyone who was falsely punished by Fiona. Feel free to message us with any other bugs that you may find with Fiona and we'll have her fixed up.

We' ve added kits to the server that can be purchase with money gained from killing players, finding through envoys, or through vote rewards. These kits were aimed towards making it more fair for people who play often compared to donators. It gives players who play often a chance to start off with better gear and get a better streak. We're still working on the kits and pricing but we're hoping to have it working perfectly in the next few weeks.

We have finally added the second shop to the server, although it's small we plan to improve and add more to the shop in the upcoming weeks. It's a beta shop and we plan to add over 50+ items over time.

Every hour we have introduced this new event that will drop 20+ crates into the map. These crates contain OP armor, coins, money, ranks, and tags. It's all chanced based, so hurry and collect them before...
Hello everybody,

Recently we released our survival server and this is more of a formal announcement. This announcement will talk about the features on our Survival server, and future plans!

Currently we have a huge 50% off sale, so ensure to check that out whilst it is available. This is our biggest sale yet, to celebrate the holidays!

Within our server, there are many features, jobs, custom terrain, and more. Our most key features and changes will be explained further below:

Custom Terrain – We have provided custom terrain. This provides a much more unique experience than vanilla Minecraft, with abstract biomes, and a fully custom nether. Structures, farms and loot can be found within these worlds (with some structures providing very high standard items).

Jobs – Jobs provide a way for users to make an income, with a variety of jobs being available to suit every user. If you want to mine, be a miner, if you want to build, be a builder – there are many jobs, which all provide money and a progressive system. By default, you will have access to one job, however, certain donation ranks will have access to more.

Survival Kits – We have multiple new features on our store, with kits now being added. On release there were a total of 5 kits available (separate from donation rank kits), however, we plan to frequently add more, with supportive suggestions being a large influence on the content added.

Daily Rewards – Every 24 hours you can use /reward to gain a random reward; these can range from money to EXP levels and more.

Repair Upgrades – Anvils now provide further ways to repair your items, with EXP, money and items able to be used to repair. Some of these methods are only available to donation ranks – the default anvil GUI is available by left-clicking the anvil item.

Achievements – LWe have decided...
Hello everyone,

Monday, 11th December, we will begin our Holiday sale which will last until Sunday, 4th January

Go grab a rank or coins while they're cheap!
If you're still on the edge, take a look at all the benefits!

Update Log:

• Daredevil is 100% functional
• Axe Perun no longer damages in safe-zone
• Excalibur no longer damages in safezone
• Anduril now immediately works

• Shop has been redone
• Crate ranks are now vouchers
• Voting rewards are properly being handed
• Marriages are once again working
• Scoreboard has been redone
• Achievement messages removed

• Helper tag has been changed to a dark green
• Removed world saving messages


iGotMuffin has been promoted to HELPER
Albiery has been promoted to HELPER
wwwTwittercom has been promoted to HELPER

Vivids has been demoted
SantaHeck has been demoted
Hey everyone,

Hope all of you Americans have had a good Thanksgiving and have had a great day today. I'm excited to announce that on Monday 11/27, we'll officially be launching our extra ultimate store!
We've slowly been working on perfecting it and we will be launching with a few items to start off with and slowly upgrade the shop and make it better.

On top of this crazy addition, we will be hosting a few competitions starting in December.

30 Day Competitions:

[Top Voter] [SERVER WIDE]
Starting December 1st, we will be rewarding the top voters at the end of the month with store credit. The prizes will be listed below!

1st Place: $20 Store Credit
2nd Place: $15 Store Credit
3rd Place: $5 Store Credit

[Top Kills] [FFA]
Starting on December 1st, we will be rewards the top killers of the month with rewards. The prizes will be listed below!

1st Place: [Killer] tag, Custom Ultimate (details below), $25 Store Credit
2nd Place: $15 Store Credit
3rd Place: $5 Store Credit

Anyone caught boosting will be reset and banned from the server.

14 Day Competitions:

More details on this competition coming soon!




Choose the name of the ultimate item
Choose the effects the ultimate item
Choose the item of the ultimate